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ICO at a Glance
Logo Name Token Start Date
HEROcoin [PLAY] 2018-02-01
SimplyVital Health [HLTH] 2018-02-22
Robot Vera [Vera] 2018-02-01
The Memessenger [MET] 2017-07-25
Izetex [IZX] 2017-11-13
wysker [WYS] 2018-01-31
Hackspace [HAC] 2017-09-19
Dogezer [DGZ] 2018-01-15
MARK.SPACE [MRK] 2018-01-23
TriForce Tokens [TFT] 2018-02-20
AlfaToken [ALFA] 2018-01-22
Bananacoin [BCO] 2017-11-29
Rpay [R Token] 2018-01-09
youtweak [YTI] 2018-02-01
EMPIRE CARD [EMP] 2017-08-14
Earth Token [EARTH] 2017-11-17
Remechain [RMC] 2017-11-09
SyncFab [MFG] 2018-02-15
Goldea [GEA] 2017-12-01
Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services [BAR] 2018-01-01
TE-FOOD [TEC] 2018-02-22
Darico [DRC] 2018-01-15
SOFIN [SOFIN] 2018-01-15
FluzFluz [FLUZ] 2018-01-18
blitzpredict [BPZ] 2018-01-22
Local World Forwarders [LWF] 2018-01-23
Dether [DTH] 2018-02-07
Dimensions Network [STC] 2018-01-24
Valorem Foundation [VLR] 2018-01-28
IQeon [IQN] 2018-01-30
IUNGO Network [ING] 2018-01-31
Crowdstart Capital [XSC] 2018-02-01
IHT Real Estate Protocol [IHT] 2018-02-05
RepuX [REPUX] 2018-02-06
FintruX [FTX] 2018-02-07 [JOT] 2018-02-12
RightMesh [MESH] 2018-02-15
FortKnoxster [FKX] 2018-02-19
Requitix [RQX] 2018-02-20
Solve.Care [CAN] 2018-02-21
The Bee Token [BEE] 2017-12-06
Play2Live [LUC] 2018-02-12
Mira [MIRA] 2018-02-01
Luven [LVN] 2017-12-12
Blockport [BPT] 2018-01-24
Rate Date [RDT] 2018-01-15
PayPro [PIP] 2018-01-15
Aworker [WORK] 2018-02-15
AstorGame [Astor] 2018-01-10
Stubba [STUB] 2018-01-30
Dragon [DRG] 2018-02-15
RAZOOM [RZM] 2017-11-29
CVerification [CVER] 2018-02-01
Balehu Bucks [BUX] 2018-02-01
AdHive [ADH] 2018-02-21
FintechFans [FINC] 2018-02-07
Squeezer [SQZ] 2018-01-05
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Quick Look up on ICO

Joy Token

Joy Token is an innovative platform which is used for creating and marketing online casino games.  Joy Token is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The smart contract provides scalability, transparency and global adoption. Joy Token is still in the process to be developed as a platform for...


Crowd Machine is an advanced distributed computing. It is ingrained in the computer which is an app development engine that doesn’t require coding. It enables everyone to create decentralized apps and smart contracts without any limitation. The Crowd Computer is distributed on the Crowd Machin...


RxEAL is a platform for the safe security deposit that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. It is available for the other industries that demand trustless fund storage and has fair dispute resolution. It provides a decentralized dispute resolution and focuses on real estate and automotive rental ma...


NodePower is an intelligent technology for wireless energy. It is reforming high-tech start-ups that disrupt a market slot of wireless transmission devices for private and commercial usage. The innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity allow...


Squeezer is world’s first software development platform which is based on blockchain. It is a powerful tool which provides high blockchain software components to the large enterprise organizations. It is a platform which aids software developers to build apps easily without tackling the entire...


Fintechfans is a decentralized Marketplace for all the types of short-term positions. Fintechfans is eradicating a middleman and is lowering the costs. Fintechfans is offering a decentralized review system which leads to honest and unbiased sights. It is enabling peer-to-peer payment without any dis...


AdHive is the first Al-Controlled marketing platform. AdHive is the first platform that automates ad placement with influencers. AdHive has invented a new standard for native advertising platform that converts the business model of an influencer marketing platform. The AI recognizes the influencers ...


SkyChain is an open infrastructure which is based on the blockchain. IBM analytics have artificial intelligence market in the healthcare sector and aims to reach $200 billion. The user can earn Skychain Global Coin that provides medical datasets for deep machine learning. It provides the possibility...


Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asian that makes the user earn while playing games. The games which can be included are Counter-Strike and Dota2. The Bountie’s proprietary matchmaking engine aids user to find players of similar skill levels and promotes even match ups. It aims to bridge a ...

Balehu Bucks

Balehu Bucks is creating a platform which offers cohesion between buyers and sellers on a local level. It provides local retailers and provides the capacity to connect through a mechanism which is both accessible and affordable. It is clouting the latest advancements in intelligence technology. It l...