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Logo Name Token Start Date
The Memessenger [MET] 2017-07-25
Hackspace [HAC] 2017-09-19
EMPIRE CARD [EMP] 2017-08-14
Remechain [RMC] 2018-03-01
The Abyss [ABYSS] 2018-04-16
Darico [DRC] 2018-01-30
Cryptics [CRP] 2018-03-26
Valorem Foundation [VLR] 2018-01-28
Solve.Care [CAN] 2018-02-21
Well [WELL] 2018-02-25
AstorGame [Astor] 2018-01-10
crowdmachine [CMCT] 2018-04-01
Kerberos Coin ICO [KRC] 2018-04-01
Kasko2go [K2G] 2018-04-19
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As a complete decentralized network, RippleByte enables instant and peer-peer Internet money easily accessible to anyone in the world. RippleByte is soon launching its token sale under the token name “XRD” which is featuring in top cryptocurrency publications. XRD is developed as a full...


We reduce insurance costs for safer drivers, making streets safe and promoting overall driving culture. Our AI technology, world-class team and unique business model make us believe we can disrupt whole insurance industry. Our dominant competitive advantages revolve specifically around solving the ...


THE FUTURE IS NOW Drones, Robots & Artificial intelligence  We believe that everyone should get his packages delivered "Right Now" why wait 1-2 business days when you order something online?  Using our own research, big data and proprietary expertise, Zeew is developing tools that w...


BRICBIT is a merged digital currency that has tax free property investment platform. It is structured on Ethereum blockchain technology. It rattles traditional property investment market, it surges the crypto community which adjoins the next era of property investors. The investors can utilize BRIC...


Sharpay is a sharing button which has blockchain profit status and is working product. It is a share and multi-share button for sites that are rewarded by Blockchain for promoting the content. Multi sharing is a fortuity for uses to share the content in several networks with one click. The users ear...

Kerberos Coin ICO

The Kerberos Coin is a Altcoin mining operation based in Gauteng South Africa. The South African Landscape for Crypto Farming is still in a very early stage of adoption and development. The demand for mining operations worldwide will increase exponentially over the next few years to ensure the long ...

Joy Token

Joy Token is an innovative platform which is used for creating and marketing online casino games.  Joy Token is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The smart contract provides scalability, transparency and global adoption. Joy Token is still in the process to be developed as a platform for...


Crowd Machine is an advanced distributed computing. It is ingrained in the computer which is an app development engine that doesn’t require coding. It enables everyone to create decentralized apps and smart contracts without any limitation. The Crowd Computer is distributed on the Crowd Machin...


RxEAL is a platform for the safe security deposit that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. It is available for the other industries that demand trustless fund storage and has fair dispute resolution. It provides a decentralized dispute resolution and focuses on real estate and automotive rental ma...


NodePower is an intelligent technology for wireless energy. It is reforming high-tech start-ups that disrupt a market slot of wireless transmission devices for private and commercial usage. The innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity allow...