A decentralized poker platform on the Ethereum blockchain

Token: NTZ

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 21-09-2017 (299)

ICO Closing Date: 21-10-2017 (269)


Acebusters is a decentralized poker platform. It is designed by obsessive porker and cryptography fans. The effort is to create Acebusters as a decentralized application (Dapp). It offers the services dealing with cards and settling bets. The open and borderless nature of blockchain allows players to connect and create the largest poker of the globe.

Acebusters ICO assures that struggle is fair. No person can peek at the cards. Acebusters is owned and is the self-controlled economy. It has started an online poker platform; it gains profits that can shatter the trust with players. Smart contracts can act as escrows and are independent by definition.  The reward offered for qualifying submissions ranges from 15,000 NTZ to 1,500,000 NTZ. The final amount is chosen at the vigilance of the Acebusters team. It is based on the judgment of the complexity and impact of the patch. The usual reward amounts are: -

  • 1,500,000 NTZ is used for complicated, high impact improvements that are almost to avoid major vulnerabilities in the affected code.
  • 750,000 NTZ is a moderately a complex patch that gives all the security benefits.
  • 300,000 NTZ is for the capitulation of modest complexity or for people who offer speculative gains.
  • 15,000 NTZ is “one-liner special” for trivial improvements that have a merit from the security standpoint.


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Team Members

Johann Barbie - Blockchain Geek

Alex Lunyox - Platform Engineer

Micheal Kroener - Marketing Analyst

Victor Matelesha - QA Engineer

Mayank Kumar - Smart Contarct Engineer

Helge Wielding - Poker Enthusiast

Konstantin Korenkov - Backened Developer

Calvin Hoenes - Strategy Engineer

Kate Danilova - Product Manager

Aleksey Grabov - UX Engineer

Yaroslav Volov - Frontend Developer

Barbara Scherer - Editor


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