The first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform

Token: ADH

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 21-02-2018 (91)

ICO Closing Date: 14-03-2018 (70)


AdHive is the first Al-Controlled marketing platform. AdHive is the first platform that automates ad placement with influencers. AdHive has invented a new standard for native advertising platform that converts the business model of an influencer marketing platform. The AI recognizes the influencers who have performed the advertiser’s task then command the smart contract to execute the payment.


  • Cryptocurrency subscribes: - Thousands of influencers have spread all across the world for millions of their subscribers.
  • Al power harnesses: - The video/online stream channels have tracked automatically with corporate identity.
  • Liquidity of token: - As the token demand is excepted to grow, the market also rapidly develops.
  • Tremendous efficiency: - AdHive is a one-stop service which launches TV-scale campaigns within 30 minutes.
  • Global reach: - AdHive offers international campaigns without any regulatory restrictions.
  • Transparency and reliability: - The funds are transparently allocated in conformity with pre-determined agreements.
  • High flexibility: - AdHive employs a performance-based model with CPM, CPA and CPC technologies.
  • Automatic transparent payments: - The smart contract model safeguards tokens which can be transferred to influencers after completing the task.
  • Knowledge warehouse: - The community members can share their ideas with influencers.

ICO Details:-

Token: ADH

Price: 1 ETH = 4400 ADH

Accepted: - ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Location: Estonia

ICO Start Date: - 31st January 2018

ICO End Date: - 7th March 2018

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Team Members

Vadim Budaev - HR- technological development- co-founder

Dmitry Malyanov - Project development- operations- co-founder

Alexandr Kuzmin - Token model development- investment and financial management- co-founder

Dmitry Romanov - Strategy and business development

Ivan Kotov - Operations- marketing

Kristina Kurapova - Legal compliance and structuring

Larry Christopher Bates - USA Community manager

Denis Vorobev - Software development. Artificial Intelligence expert

Denis Dymont - Frontend and full stack developer

Alena Vinokurova - Project Manager


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