Performance marketing on blockchain

Token: AFF

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 16-10-2017 (247)

ICO Closing Date: 30-10-2017 (233)


AFFCHAIN has proposed its first blockchain based on a protocol to eradicate the need for a middleman. It helps to build partnership relations in the $ 10 b to affiliate industry. All these sides are benefitted to clear reward distribution. Affiliate marketing is $ 10 bln online adverting industry and is empowered by affiliate networks. The networks merge business with traffic owners on a centralized platform which processes the financial data on their servers.

An affiliate network obscures the affiliated rewards from traffic owners on their platform. The middleman commissions are intransparent and can grasp 35 that deplete ads ROI. These industries lack trust and cooperation due to shady conditions. Crypto Currencies need traffic to achieve mass adoption.

Affchain has a P2P marketplace where businesses meet traffic owners automatically on a decentralized marketplace. These parties are safe, secure with smart contracting that are created to provide clear contract conditions and automated payment execution. AFF token is also known as “Utility tokens”. These tokens are utilized as fuel for running AffChain protocol, a matter of guaranteed, fast and cost-effective affiliate reward distribution. The continual demand is assured by the need of businesses in new paying customers.

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Team Members

Ivan Maslennikov - Founder and CEO

Sergey Bykov - Co-founder and CTO

Evgeniy Shulepin - Co-founder and lead developer

Vladimir Karishev - CBDO

Ilya Glazunov - Project manager

Chris Butler - Community manager

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