Artificial Intelligence Coin

Token: XAI

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 17-07-2017 (365)

ICO Closing Date: 28-08-2017 (323)


The AICoin’s objective is to facilitate investors to shape possessions through the control of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and the community blockchain.The constant flow of profits from the day tokens are released has benefited the AICoin token holders and that’s due to the dual stage approach. The trading of Cryptocurrencies via artificial intelligence provides accelerated gains and the means to ride the vision longer of enhancing the ultimate outstanding investors in the Artificial intelligence.

AICoin is planned to profit sole investors by granting them turn into a part of a corporate. The AI is envisioned at using a two stage strategy with the steady flow of profits and reinvestment. One of the current enhancements in AICoin will be released prior to formal subscription period in an Open Source wallet.

Initial launching does not have dividend payments scheduled. However, the AICoin token does support the payment of dividends, since the governance is controlled by the token holders this can be anticipated.

AICoin introduces the brokers to get bonus tokens. First Global Credit clients can use their trading accounts username & password to log on to AICoin site. If one does not have an account on First Global Credit they can register and log in to the AICoin dashboard to download the unique link that can be used to direct depositors on the AICoin website.

The AICoin also introduces the Bounty Program for the benefit of all the participants based on what they achieve.

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Team Members

Gavin Smith - Marketing Knowledge & Risk Modeling

Andy Tynan - Developer

Lee Cooper - Developer

Gavin Smith - CEO and Founding Director

Marcie D Terman - COO and Founder

Jon Matonis - Board advisor

Joe Belmonte - Marketing Director

Fran Feldman - Customer Service

Alex Nelson - Infrastructure & Security


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