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ICO Start Date: 10-10-2017 (279)

ICO Closing Date: 10-11-2017 (248)


Altocar is a service that associates passengers and drivers. This service works on B2C and B2B segments. After rendering their services in the taxi market of Kazzan (Russia), Autocar Company has begun its services of drivers by subscription, service for corporate clients, and service for individuals.The main feature is the capacity to add drivers to the “Favorites” and to utilize their services in the future.

Altocar is a customized taxi aggregator with the Digital Economy. The user can easily call the car along with its driver through a mobile application. The location of the driver can be tracked using map. The trusted and faithful drivers can be shared with friends and family. The payment for the service can be done through a bank card, bonus points or tokens.

The company has launched their own tokens called “ALTOCAR”. The token holders will get monthly free trips with huge discounts on services. This also encourages drivers. They can exchange tokens for the car wash, car inspection, and other services. These tokens can be purchased or traded on DEX and TIDEX stock exchanges.   

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Team Members

Alexander Bobylev - CEO- Founder

Viktor Neeshpapa - –°VO- Founder

Alexander Lyashenko - Drivers Manager- Founder

Igor Kalmykov - CTO- Founder- backend-developer

Vladimir Baksheev - Android-developer

Vasiliy Pereselkov - General partner

Rustem Yunusov - Community manager (EN)

Marat Kadyrov - Financial Adviser

Rustam Davletbaev - Adviser

Dinar Shakirzyanov - Adviser


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