Trusted Quality of Food & Medicine

Token: AMB

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 22-09-2017 (297)

ICO Closing Date: 22-10-2017 (267)


Ambrosus is integrating high- tech sensors, blockchain protocol, and smart contracts. As we all are aware that food & Medicines are necessary products, and the present food supply chain is detouring its quality. They are building a testable community-driven ecosystem to ensure the quality, safety, and origins of products. This has lead to a very chaotic environment where people of all age groups are consuming tablets instead of healthy food.

Ambrosus aims to radically improve the global food supply by organizing a trusted ecosystem. This ecosystem can be utilized accurately to detect the history of products and subsequently eliminate commercial transactions. The team is exploring to provide safe and autonomous food supply chain which upgrades distribution processes and allows consumers to quickly glance on their product details.

Ambrosus has excellent governance of food supply chain which controls all the processes, quality and tracing. The data transformation has sensors to generate valuable data about their goods and shipments that can be fabricated. Ambrosus facilities direct deals for exchanging commodities in the platform. It is a decentralized marketplace which is opening new paths to commerce and trade. This application can be operated from nanosensors to supercomputers and doesn’t require central node.

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Team Members

Angel Versetti - CEO

Dr Stefan Meyer - CTO

Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz - Lead Engineer

Marek Kirejczyk - Lead Blockchain Developer

Matthew Roberts - Lead Blockchain Developer

Konrad Szalwinski - Lead Frontend Developer

Prof Esther Amstad - Head of Science

Katerina Ianishevska - Community Manager

Dr Gavin Wood - Technical Advisor (Core Architecture)

Dr Jutta Steiner - Technical Advisor (Supply Chains)

Dr Vlad Trifa - Technical Advisor (Hardware)

Prof Malcolm J W Povey - Scientific Advisor (Food Reassurance)

David Drake - Strategic Advisor

Jehan Chu - Strategic Advisor

Jaron Lukasiewicz - Strategic Advisor

Dhanesh Kothari - Mentor

Dr Fabiola Dionisi - Scientific Advisor (Quality Control)

Prof Sandro Carrara - Scientific Advisor (Biosensors)

David Wachsman - Public Relations Advisor

Tom Lyons - Communications Advisor


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