Token: ARNA

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 18-08-2017 (333)

ICO Closing Date: 04-09-2017 (316)


Arena is a cryptocurrency platform where associates can sell and trade eSports, sports, or cryptocurrency picks. Just like other social media platforms the associates/ members will have their profiles where they can share info, links to other social media pages and contact information.  The Arena website will be used while purchasing sports and cryptocurrency trading info.

Considering the eSports dealings very trendy in the cryptocurrency space,  Arena is set up an online platform social network trading and gaming system for people to get together to exchange information and sell eSports and cryptocurrency trading picks. They wish to make a platform that’s user-friendly and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. To enhance their plan and the eventual development, Arena is launching its ICO.  Investors having Cryptocurrencies can get associated in the Arena ICO exchange of the Arena tokens that will be used as a mode of payment for the experts and members who sell eSports, sports, and cryptocurrency trading. This is an established token asset and the token dealing will commence at the Waves Decentralized exchange.  

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Team Members

Dave Styles - CEO

Dean Thompson - CFO

Roy Sarbonlay - Developer


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