AstorGame - eSports, Sports Betting & Casino platform Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Token: Astor

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 10-01-2018 (188)

ICO Closing Date: 29-04-2018 (79)


AstorGame is esports & Online Gaming platform. It is decentralized Games, Sports betting and Casino utilizing blockchain. It is changing the eSports and betting world with a brand new eSports and online gaming platform which is based on cutting-edge technology. The users have provided with a choice between gaming and betting. The eSports player can utilize eSports platform to participate in the matches and tournaments at games like League of Legends, FIFA 17, and Dota2 Counter-Strike.


  • Security: - The security and Smart contracts are the foundation of Astorgame. It is introduced to the gaming and betting sector. The funds are brought in AstorGame’s player and are protected by Smart contract. The Smart contract converts the prize distribution into a fixed algorithm. It automatically initiates a transaction when the game gets over.
  • Smart contracts: - The platform enables entries which are recorded on a blockchain. It applies to the automated algorithm-based contracts which manage the logic of business to schedule prize payments, tournaments, and outcomes to collect the payments for tickets, bets, and drawings.
  • Provably Fair: - The team has various technologies to solve the problem. It enables the client to check and ensure that the game is played by the rules and the values have been not altered by the third party. The encryption technologies protect the data by coding strings of value and prevent cracking. The encrypted value is drawn from the user’s browser which will remain unknown to AstorGame’s Server.

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Team Members

Mark Snizhinsky - CEO & Founder- Developer

Jiyun Kim - eSports Gaming events & music experience

Jhonny Cuevas - Sr. Director of Technology- Developer

Natalia Snegynskaya - Co-Founder- Front End Developer

Carmen Gomez - Systems Analyst- Developer

Eduardo Marcano - Systems Engineer Developer

WERAISE - Marketing Solutions Marketing


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