ATB coin

Token: ATB

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 12-06-2017 (373)

ICO Closing Date: 31-08-2017 (293)


ATB Coin is an unbiased POS cryptocurrency. It is used to contract with the matter by improvising the major obliging attributes of the Proof-of-stake algorithm and crafts.  It is competent, extensible and responsive. ATB Coin blends the most eminent features inbuilt to Proof-of-stake Cryptocurrencies. ATB Coin is associated with additional superior abilities of SegWit and its proprietary features.

The developers state that the extensive accomplishment of ATB coin blockchain and ICO has disseminated the huge capital. It results in financial breakthrough due to the decentralized structure and the aperture of all current technologies. The exclusionary supplement of ATB coin is the Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Smart Contracts and Cloud mining.

ATB coin is blockchain introduced cryptocurrency. It is intended to disperse quick, secure and near-nil cost payments around the globe. This is designed to acquire the renowned incapability’s in the reach of government central banks & other Cryptocurrencies. The ATB encloses unique features which are not provided by other coins.



Today, no online business exists without a clear and stable use case. The ATB coin team is set to prepare and deliver a full stack of integration solutions which are designed to fit the mainly trendy online systems that exist to provide you with clear & direct documentation.


The ATB wallets are user-friendly & are slight for Web, Desktop, iOS and android.

The ATB wallet is open for download on the Windows Platform & MAC OS Platform.

Country: USA

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Team Members

Edward Ng - CEO

Herbert W. Hoover - Co- Founder/ Board advisor

Waiki Hui - Technology advisor

David Jacobs - International business advisor

Simon Choi - Financial Legal Advisor

Jude Huang - Web-app Technology Advisor

Gary Gan - Investor and advisor


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