World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

Token: ATL

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 07-09-2017 (313)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (259)


ATLANT platform is creating a next-generation global real – estate platform based on blockchain technology. It is utilizing cryptofinancing (ICO) for the growth of capital. The blockchain has the stamina to stimulate the adoption of the sharing economy. Atlant ICO has begun to increase their capital interest, change real estate transactions and ownership.

Atlant token is a safe and protected system which is based on the blockchain, Users can easily trade properties on this platform through rental and transact P2P. It also ensures security for guests and hosts while User can have lavishing experience in this platform. The asset ownership and rental agreements are ensured by the blockchain technology. Real estate assets are tokenized and User can freely trade on digital assets.

Buyers and sellers can easily trade their respective properties tokens without any consequential changes in asset rates. A user has an opportunity to pay low fees on both purchase and rental bonds through smart contracts. Transaction deals and pricing are proved by blockchain and cannot be rectified.

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Team Members

Julian Svirsky - CEO & Co-founder

Neil Mohinani - CFO & Co-founder

Denis Donin - CTO & Co-founder

Alex Taylor - Communication/HR

Pavel Foos - Solidity / JavaScript

Eugene Seregin - Solidity / JavaScript

Sergey Kashich - Go / C++

Erik Bitner - UI / Frontend

Natalia Tischendorf - Adviser & Industry Liaison

Gregory Thain - Adviser & Industry Liaison

Julian Zegelman- - Esq. Adviser & Corporate Counsel

Oleg Khokhlov - Adviser & Corporate Counsel

Dr. Joseph Wang - Adviser & Researcher

Wilhelm Beller - Adviser


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