Decentralized AI trading system

Token: Autonio

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 22-09-2017 (271)

ICO Closing Date: 22-10-2017 (241)


Autonio is a decentralized artificial intelligent system. It turns crypto-trading into a rewarding and convenient practice. It is a platform which has a user-friendly GUI that allows users to readily formulate the best approach for trading and executing it. Basically, Autonio is a decentralized AI trading platform. The platform features a leaderboard. It ranks the users on the rewarding strategy and optimizations that are brought and applied by other users through NIO tokens within the platform.

Autonio provides assistance to an expert trader and also offers a safer and smarter method to trade cryptocurrencies for non-technical users. Autonio AI trading Assistant is available on the web or can be downloadable from P2P software for desktop and fro mobile platform.  Autonio is structured on JavaScript, PHP and Ethereum Smart Contracts for safely connecting the trading ecosystem.

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Team Members

Ali Raheman - Project Manager

Parth Darji - Head of Technology

Michael Morton - Chief Financial Officer

Mohideen Zakaria - Head of Analytics

Shura Vasina - Head of Designing

Adlin Ho - Head of Communications

Ismail Malik - Advisor

Andrew Wagner - Advisor

James Drake - Advisor

Rishi Raj Singh - Advisor


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