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Token: AVT

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 06-09-2017 (287)

ICO Closing Date: 06-09-2017 (287)


Aventus is a B2B ticketing software infrastructure. It utilizes blockchain and artificial intelligence to clarify some of the biggest problems in ticket sale and resale. The team is structuring an open-source standard for the industry. It allows ticket companies and other vendors to focus on their business. The user can easily administer the lifecycle of the tickets in a modular and flexible manner. It is an open source blockchain-based system.

The REST API allows ticketing company with a payment gateway to collect or clone tickets. These all are associated with a blockchain technology. The user can control his secondary market and set price caps that derive their revenue. This platform is recommended for ticketing companies and promoters. It enables centralized control, reporting, data analytics and distributing tools for all ticketing inventory. Presently the product is operated in beta. Aventus is empowered by AVT an Aventus utility token.   

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Team Members

Alan Vey - Director and Co-Founder

Annika Monari - Director and Co-Founder

Andy Grant - Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Masters - General Advisor

Professor William Knottenbelt - Technical Advisor

Professor Mike Waterson - Industry & Economic Advisor


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