Blockchain Platform for the Recruitment Industry

Token: WORK

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 15-02-2018 (97)

ICO Closing Date: 02-04-2018 (51)


Aworker is blockchain platform for the Recruitment industry. It is a next-generation blockchain based platform. It has an aim to alter/disrupt the HR industry. The team strives to create new opportunities for job hunting and career development. The hiring of personnel is one of the most influential markets in the world which has a volume of $429 million.


  • Income: - Aworker has an ability to earn WORK tokens for recommending, data and skills.
  • Reduced Costs: - The companies will have reduced expenses with regard to filling a position up to 4 times.


How to earn WORK token?

  • Recommend friends and earn WORK token:- The user can recommend a friend for an open job and earn WORK tokens if he comes for an interview or to get a job
  • Confirmation of Skills and earn WORK tokens:- The user can confirm the professional ability by attaching a document and earn WORK tokens
  • Come to an interview or get an offer and earn WORK token:- The user can fetch a job or come for an interview and earn WORK tokens
  • Advance the expertise and earn WORK tokens: - The user can develop as a professional and make money out of it.




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Team Members

Anton Cherkasov - Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Doshevsky - Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Barkov - Co-founder & HR Partner

Svetlana Fomenkova - Business Development Director

Sergey Streltsov - Chief Marketing Officer

Serafima Aleksandrova - PR

Roman Ivantsov - Architect

Pavel Levkovich - Project lead

Alex Zachinalov - Frontend / UI

Eugene Petukhov - Backend developer

Vasily Kuznetsov - Advisor

Denis Polulyakhov - Advisor


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