Blockchain option for banana plantation

Token: BCO

Industry : Manufacturing

ICO Start Date: 29-11-2017 (175)

ICO Closing Date: 28-02-2018 (84)


BananaCoin is the first environment-friendly plantation in Laos. BananaCoin aims to grow an organic and healthy variety of bananas known as “Lady Finger”. The plantation is implemented in Laos and is exported to China, as there is great demand over there. It has released a utility token based on Ethereum and clinches to export 1 kg price of bananas.  


  • No pesticides: - BananaCoin doesn’t make use of pesticides in the production. The production cycle is regulated by the Laos regulations for the use of Agricultural Chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly: - The team is planning to create an organic farm which is secluded from other farms. It is created in order to protect the ecological environment.
  • 3 years old: - The Banana is doing this business for last 15 years in Laos. From past 3 years, they have started an agro-industrial business for cultivating and exporting of bananas. The next step is business expansion.
  • Profitable business: - The team started the business with the lease of a plantation. It is the profitable business.
  • Government Support: - The team has the strong connection with the governor of Vientiane province where the plantations are located. It emphasizes on the plantation.
  • Real proof asset: - The real proof of asset is Banana plantation which utilizes blockchain. Banacoin is new technology of agriculture sector.

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Team Members

Oleg Dobrovolsky - Business Developer

Alexander Bychkov - Team member

Anna Guncheva - Marketing

Eugene Khashin - CTO

Nicola Kardasav - Project Advisor

Dmitry Mazutov - Team member

Alexander Magomedov - Team member

Prasan Sangsatjatham - Team member

Peter Pang - Advisor


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