Token: BNC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 01-08-2017 (350)

ICO Closing Date: 01-09-2017 (319)


Benja first product is the Benjamin Mobile app that offers modified deals and just one minute to buy or pass. This unique user experience has attracted the audience and also the alternative business model has protected the vendor margin. The mobile app serves thousands of users in the United States and was also featured on Product Hunt in August 2015.

Benja has been sponsored and supported by a remarkable group of sponsors including Moosylvania Marketing, the VegasTechFund, XRC Labs, Blue Startups, and a group of marvelous angel investors.

Also, the company is a noble alum of The Mill incubator in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arch Grants in St. Louis, Missouri, Blue Startups in Honolulu, Hawaii, and XRC Labs in New York City.

The Benja products ad network is implementing a token issuance under the name benjaCoin (BENJA). The benjaCoin will serve up as a revenue-generating system for the Benja merchandise ad network.

By imitating the Benjamin mobile app user experience, we have encouraged feat and shaped a new promotion experience: one that doesn't ruin your time by landing pages or special coupon codes. In addition to making it an extra gratifying experience, Benja team have edited the sales cycle (and opportunity for drop-off)


The Benjamin mobile app tenders modified deal and one minute to choose whether to acquire or bypass.


  • Just for you: The team considers your preferred brands, your sizes, and your interests to find the product of interest.
  • Deals you won’t find elsewhere: The team Benjamin uses an entirely innovative business model that allows them to offer the brands you won’t find on any other deal platform.
  • The Catch: To buy or pass you only have 60 seconds. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The app can be tried on iOS and PlayStore.

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Team Members

Andrew J. Chapin - CEO

Tommy Goode - CTO

Morgan Reilly - CMO


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