AI enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange

Token: BIX

Industry : CryptoCurrency

ICO Start Date: 01-10-2017 (289)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (259)


Bibox is an Al enhanced – encrypted digital asset exchange platform. The team is designed by top-tier Chinese blockchain & Crypto giants. Bibox attracts bitcoin admires, adopters of the blockchain. It has established series of entrepreneurs, professional securities traders, Venture Capitalists, high – tech Angel investors and top A.I experts in the industry to participate in the platform.

Bibox is a brilliant transaction platform for blockchain asset introduced by the people enthusiastic about blockchain and has knowledge in the areas of the blockchain, finance, and AI. The platform is designed to expand the knowledge about digital asset and empowers digital assets to easy our daily activities.

Bibox is a world leading and transparent intelligent transaction platform for digital assets with the help of advanced AI technology. Bibox is safe for the use of micro-services splitting design. The high-level team consists of experts in the blockchain, finance and AI. It has high capacity where users up to ten million join this platform with strong compatibility. “BIX token” is released by Bibox platform. It is a standard token based on Ethereum ERC20.

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Team Members

Jason He - CEO

Jeffery Lei - COO

Michael Wang - CTO

Mike Shokin- - CFA

Tang Yau Tak - Advisor

Michael Shi - CEO at Shared Finance & Co-founder at ICORac

Lee - Economics Scholar- Independent Blockchain Investor

Wong - Founder at HPB

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