A Global, Decentralized Marketplace for Student Employment.

Token: STU

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 12-09-2017 (281)

ICO Closing Date: 13-10-2017 (250)


For the global student community, bitJob deploys blockchain technology. We understand that smart education is necessary in order for the blockchain technology to overcome all the boundaries and the potential it holds. Through the next generation of the labor market, boosting the education needed to implement decentralization and freedom of choice commences today at bitJob.

bitJob is professionally designed and is the backbone of a decentralized ledger with multiple level security and directness at all phases of market dealings among students, freelancers & employers.

Ethereum made way to build the immense application that removes the need to randomly trust the server administrators. And now that bitJob has a strong authentication, identity, verifiability, voting, reputation and microtransactions for our payments and affiliates fees distribution.

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Team Members

Dror Medalion - Co-founder & CEO

Bogdan Fiedur - Co-founder & CTO

Aviad Gindi - Co-founder & CFO

Elad Kofman - Co-founder & CMO

Mikko Ohtamaa - Founder & CTO of Token Market


Micha Roon - Ethereum Developer

Alex Oberhauser - Block chain Technologist

Lior Zysman - Law & regulation (Lawyer)


Suraj Yekwani - South- Asia Region Manager

Khaya Maloney - Africa Region Manager


Max Aigner - BlockChain Developer


Yoel Lapscher - bitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer

David Mirynech - bitJob Ambassador &Blockchain Consultant


Dr.Theodosis Mourouzis - Cryptography Phd at UCL & CIIM Business School

Anish Mohammed - Lead Security Architect- HSBC Ripple project

Micheal Terpin - CEO- Transform Group; Chairman- BitAnagels/USA

James Gonzalez - Public Relations & Marketing advisor

Alejandro Gomez de la Cruz Alcaniz - Blockchain Legal Expert


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