A modern and global investment opportunity

Token: BTP

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 15-10-2017 (248)

ICO Closing Date: 15-11-2017 (217)


BitProperty is a dispersed network of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). It is operated by digital tokens. Whenever User purchases BitProperty, he will receive BTP tokens and a real estate ownership rights and payouts they are awarded by smart contract. Bitproperty is crystal and clear with high stable REIT. It securely collaterals and has eco-RIET such as solar power, wind power, tidal power are developed for investors.


  • P2P:- This technology is operated without any central authority or banks. The managing transaction proceeds en masse through robust network.
  • Trust:- The blockchain technology facilities individuals to build the trust within the system
  • Security: - The blockchain secures the system of Bitproperty. The transactions are operated by smart contracts. These transactions are constant and will debilitate the tamper or customize the data and assure high-level security.
  • Sustainability: - The investment in Eco-REIT provides a sustainable future for the world through endorsing and rewarding reusable green energy generation.
  • Liquidity: - The Bitproperty REIT can purchase or sold easily on the free-market without affecting the asset’s price.
  • High Return: - The dividends accepted from REIT are expressed annually. This is based on the investment cost and current value. The investors can also relish from the REIT related tax advantages.

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Team Members

Ryo Nomura - CEO

Shunta Oka - Lead Designer

Hayato Shimomae - Frontend Engineer

Ryo Hasegawa - Frontend Engineer

Rie Igarashi - Public Relations & Customer Support

Francis Muller - Customer Support & legal Advisor

Yonatan Ben Shimon - Advisory & Matchpool CEO

Max Richardson - Product Advisory & Matchpool Founder

Lior Zysman - General Counsel & Matchpool Legal Advisor

Patrick Storchenegger - Legal Advisor

Angelina Parfenova - Advisor


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