A new horizon of Investment

Token: RNT

Industry : Real Estate

ICO Start Date: 24-11-2017 (234)

ICO Closing Date: 01-12-2017 (227)


BitRent is the first blockchain platform that entices commercial and residential property investments. This platform gives a golden opportunity to each and every human being on the globe to purchase assets. It makes them the owner of commercial and residential property objects. It draws attention at an early stage in order to gain maximum profit.

Real estate investments: - It attracts investments at all the stages of construction. This platform provides an opportunity to invest small amounts.

Digitized real estate: - The digitized details related to the real estate object are collected on Blockchain. The real estate transactions are processed through Smart Contracts.

Globalism and Visibility: - All the investments are secured by the records in the decentralized registry. The user can own a share in real estate in any part of the world.

Engineering and Construction: - This platform has two amazing features such as BIM and RFID. These two technologies allow participants to share vital real estate information in real time. The participants can easily glance on the real estate objects online in real time. It reduces high amounts of manual data collection.

  • BIM:- Building Information Modeling
  • RFID:- Radio Frequency Identification for monitoring and Control   

The team aims to flourish a platform which is based on block technology. It also intends to fascinate construction industry investments. These entire investments projects are structured with chips implanted in all constructional elements. This innovation allows all participants to fetch complete information on real estate items within a decentralized network in real time.     

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Team Members

Dmitriy Starovoitov - Founder

Dmitriy Shapran - CEO & Co-Founder

Sergii Kyrylovskyi - Co-founder

Carl Francis - Qualified architect. One of the top 10 architects in the world

Abdulla Almansoori - The GCC countries BitRent representative

Seth Johnson - Developer and BitRent Advisor

Dan Sirghi - Legal Officer

Artur Bey - Legal Officer

James Trefry - Software Engineer

Andre Anikin - Software engineer

Alexander Kucheravy - Architect- active house verifier

Sergey Valuy - Chief Technology Officer

Kirill Beresnev - Blockchain engineer

Valeria Volosach - Business developer

Vitali Yermakou - Chief Business Development Officer

Anna Melnychuk - Community management/ HR expert

Mikhail Kushka - Blockchain developer

Denys Krolevetskyi - Blockchain developer

Victor Pylypiuk - Lead Copy

Vitaliy Dykyi - Account manager


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