Smart Contracts for Smarter Predictions

Token: BPZ

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 22-01-2018 (121)

ICO Closing Date: 22-02-2018 (90)


BlitzPredict is smart contracts for smarter predictions. It ensures that the users get the best odds available in the market at any given time. The liquidity of BlitzPredict has liquidity reserve and ensures that user gets paid before the event gets concluded. The smart contact tools allow users to logically interact and adequately throughout the market.


  • Best lines: - The Blitz Predict Aggregator ensures that the users have access to the best lines present in the market at any feasible time.
  • Smart Betting: - The BlitzPredict’s Smart contracts unlock the powerful, flexible betting option and allow users to execute the wagers when their criteria are met.
  • BlitzPay: - The liquidity of BlitzPay reserves and assures that users get paid for their correct predictions securely.
  • Analytics: - BlitzPredict incentivizes sports analytics experts and enthusiasts to share their models and contribute to community projects.
  • Tournaments: - BlitzPredict will sponsor analytics tournaments and participants will be rewarded for delivering the most accurate results.
  • Syndicates: - The experts can form syndicates and solicit contributions from their community. The Users can stake the syndicate with BPZ.

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Team Members

Brett Richey - CEO

David Carley - CTO- Blockchain Developer

Patrick Young - Full-Stack Developer

Chris Bergstrom - Front-End Developer

Erik Mikkelson - Back-End & Dev-Ops

Eyal Hertzog - Advisor

Dave Rogers - Advisor

Hartej Sawhney - Advisor

Phil Hellmuth - Advisor

Brad Libson - Advisor

Rich Belsky- JD - Advisor


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