Event hosting platform

Token: TIX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 07-07-2017 (348)

ICO Closing Date: 25-07-2017 (330)


Blocktix is a Platform that replaces the present fragmented markets of event ticket distribution, ticket transfer, and event promotion. This is a single system for all services and offers a low overhead for distributors and promoters. The power of the crowd is used to reduce distribution, transfer and promotional costs by 90% with Blocktix’s decentralized solution. The platform is directly linked to an active community which financially incentivized to engage with the advertising. Blocktix is utilizing Ethereum-based blockchain. It provides a sober and secure solution to disperse spurious free event ticket. It also gives trustless p2p transfers of ownership.


The fees are created to eradicate spam and incentivize token holder to reduce ticket scalping. Blocktix fees are used to compensate token holders whose who participate in the event/advertising verification process. It dampens for profit-ticket trading on the p2p exchange and to incentivize mobile application users to view event advertisements. Blocktix platform requires TIX token to be utilized as system access fee propose new evens to events feed. TIX and ETH tokens are essential for purchasing tickets and for P2P transfers.  

How do Blocktix works?

  • The user must Sign up and selects his event’s specific details.
  • The community is incentivized with the TIX tokens.
  • Finally, User can sell his tickets.


Attending Events:-

  • User must Sign up and download the app
  • User must browse events to vet and attend or preview
  • User can earn or redeem his credits



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Team Members

Rob Schins - CEO

Ryno Mathee - CTO

Gerlof van Ek - Designer

James Campbell - Developer

Bojan Malesevic - Project Assistant

Florian Mathieu - External Consultant

Marshall Hayner - Advisor


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