Digital Reputation and the Account on Blockchain

Token: BMT

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 10-09-2017 (283)

ICO Closing Date: 29-12-2017 (173)


BMChain is the basic digital reputation. It gives social reputation and business activity for Binzeds Molodost community members. The user can design some useful materials on the business topics with their reviews and writer’s reputation. Users can exert common projects between the participants in business contracts. They must have a positive result based on Smart contract.

Each and every member of the community is its investor. The payment of goods and services are done in the business community. The user can also exquisite Biznes Molodost product. BMChain is based on blockchain business solutions called designerTokenAPI. It is an online service that allows creating the personal digital asset and listing it on the exchange. The token can be easily managed by popular wallets or with simple API.

BMChain is an amazing solution for people who accept digital asset in the form of tokens into their accounts. The accretion of tokens and the amounts increases the reputation expands the size of gratitude’s received by the user.  The internal structure of BMchain sets prices in billions of dollars. The speed increases after per transaction. The commission price is also assigned into dollars.      

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Team Members

Mikhail Dashkiev - Project founder

Petr Osipov - Project founder

Alexander Sagoun - Project manager

Ruslan Khusnutdinov - Creative director

Roman Moiseyev - Co-founder- project conception author

Vladimir Mokeyev - Dr. Tech. Sc- scientific advisor

Dmitry Kulikov - Blockchain developer- smart-contracts expert

Andrey Mokeyev - Key developer- smart-contracts expert

Alexander Shakirov - Marketing director

Renat Biktagirov - BM Platform key developer

Aleksey Boyev - Technological partner

Andrey Zeps - Project manager


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