Bowhead Health

Personal health using the blockchain

Token: AHT

Industry : Health care Industry

ICO Start Date: 17-07-2017 (338)

ICO Closing Date: 31-08-2017 (293)


The Bowhead hardware device of the Bowhead platform examines the customer’s biometric information to share out incarnated medicine and supplements. The “Anonymized Healthcare Token” of the Bowhead permits the customers & the Bowhead proprietors to gain the reimbursement for leasing the medical info on which the patients will have full control via smart contracts. The platform enables friendly reminders to stay on top with the timely supplement schedule.

The Bowhead device is connected to the internet and the individuals can monitor the health at home and also can be used by healthcare professionals to give timely guidance to people who need an attention towards their health.

The major competitors of Bowhead health are Hero Health, Pillo, Line Health, Tespo, Doctor on Demand, Currently, Bowhead does not have any close competitor since they have a unique product. The project plans to commence with the products in the developed markets.

Bowhead Features:

  • Roadmap for Health
  • 360 Degrees of Health Data
  • Anonymized Patient Data
  • Expert Insights
  • Full Health Data Control
  • Friendly Reminders

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Team Members

Dr.Rhea Mehta - Bowhead Health CEO

Dr.Francisco Diaz - Mitoma- Bowhead Health Chairman

Saul lbaven Bieno - Bowhead Health CTO

Francisco Diaz - Mitoma Jr- Bowhead Health Head of Product

David Bueno - Bowhead Health Head of Manufacturing

Dr. Young-in Kim - Advisors

Peter Kroll - Advisors

Raja Jindal - Advisors

Cristina Randall - Advisors


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