Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange

Token: CAPP

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 22-03-2018 (62)

ICO Closing Date: 22-03-2018 (62)


Artoken is supported by Cappasity. It is decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange. Cappasity proposes to utilize a utility token called CAPP as the primitive payment vehicle in Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem. It uses the proprietary technology platform as a lever to boost the ecosystem’s growth. It provides the community with its API and SDK that integrates new tools and technologies which is developed by third-party services providers.

The Cappaisty ecosystem encompasses participants to sell or purchase AR/VR and 3D content. The ecosystem comprises of supporting components such marketplace, blockchain, and storage infrastructure. The sandbox area is utilized as a testing environment for AR/VR/3D content in practice.

The Cappasity innovation fund rewards the developers of most promising apps. The total numbers of awards are dependent on the available funds. The Reward fund is accredited for active content creators. The active content creators and contributors will be systematically rewarded. The AR/VR developers and active community contributors will support through dedicated Cappasity token funds.

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Team Members

Kosta Popov - CEO

Alex Chegaev - CTO

Marianna Alshina - CBDO

Natalie Reyes - CSO

David Drake - Advisor

Jonathan Millet - Advisor

Jayanand Sagar - Advisor

Frank Holz - Advisor

Anders Larsson - Advisor

Joakim Holmer - Advisor

Yu Cao - Advisor

Jim Theberge - Advisor

Henry Ines - Advisor

Mark Friedler - Advisor

Jeff Smith - Advisor

Lee Batalov - Advisor

DLA Piper - Legal advisor


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