World's operating car towing platform on blockchain

Token: CTX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 30-08-2017 (321)

ICO Closing Date: 29-10-2017 (261)


CarTaxi is a logistics platform for departing and transporting cars that combine all tow trucks in a single application. This is a global mobile solution based on collegial on geolocation, blockchain and smart contract technologies. CarTaxi is a blockchain based decentralized platform which connects all tow trucks companies into a single online network. It provides user to transport his vehicles easily, efficiently and safely.


This is world’s first operating car towing platform on the blockchain. The user must download the mobile app to utilize this platform. The project is successfully launched in more than 20 cities. Crypto – Investors can be a token holder of CarTaxi ICO to run the project and increase their market shares.

CarTaxi is a fabulous app which operates in 38 cities. It has 39,780 Registered Clients and 8120 suppliers at present. It has a multi-signature wallet. CTX tokens are issued only to investors. The CarTaxi ICO funds are held in Escrow. The unsold tokens are burned with the proportional amount of team tokens. It regains and a burns token at the expense of 25% of transportation revenues as well as 25% goes to dividends.

Funds short-term allocation Structure: - 58% of funds are allocated for development. 2% of funds are allocated to legal fees. 10% of funds are assigned to team, advisors and tech experts. 30% of funds are allocated to marketing.

Token distribution: - 65% of tokens are distributed to ICO. 31.66% of tokens are assigned to owners. 1.66% of tokens are allocated to bounties and ICO pre-sale.

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Team Members

Tara Semenov - CEO

Alexey Tayanchin - CIO

Gala Kovaleva - CFO

Ksenia Moller - CMO

Vihtori Mallat - Blockchain Developer

Nazarov Egor - Lead Java Developer

Renata Aripova - Project Manager

Nicholas Amoaka` - QA Engineer

Japheth Zoogah - International Community Coordinator

Prince Ntim - International Community Coordinator

Yingi Wu - International Community Coordinator

Zachary Moller - Legal Advisor

Vivien Andzuana - QA Engineer


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