Celsius network

P2P Decentralized Lending and Borrowing

Token: DEG

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 20-01-2018 (123)

ICO Closing Date: 20-02-2018 (92)


Celsius is a Peer-to-peer decentralized lending and borrowing platform. The Celsius Wallet is able to earn interest on the crypto holdings. When the user deposits the coins he will join in the decentralized crowdsourced lending pool and can earn daily interest. The team is building a lending platform for the crypto community to garner the advantages of the future markets. The margin lending is without altering the profits and has traditional financial institutions.

Crowdsourced lending pool: - The Celsius wallet is capable to earn interest on the crypto holdings. When the user deposits the coins the user can join the decentralized lending pool and earn daily interest.

Cash loan against the coins: - The team is building the lending platform for the crypto community to derive benefits of the future market and profit margin without any errors in the profits.


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Team Members

Djordje Stevanovic - Developer

Nemanja Krstonic - Blockchain R&D

Liz Rabban - VP Sales

Aliza Landes - Head of Sales and BD- EMEA

Ross Gottesman - Head of Sales and BD- US

Vid Stimac - Risk Management Team Lead

Roman Krywulych - Senior Risk Manager

Leah Jonas - Director of Client Services

Kristen Ryan - Event Coordinator

Ingamar Ramirez - Head of Marketing

John Arce - Head of Marketing- Asia

Ashley Harrell - Director of Operations

Alex Mashinsky - CEO

S. Daniel Leon - Founding President & COO

Nuke Goldstein - CTO

Keith Baumwald - CMO

Ronit Dvir Bacalu - CFO

Malisa Pusonja - Blockchain Architect Lead

Stevan Koprivica - Lead Backend Engineer

Branislav Djuric - Lead Frontend Engineer

Antun Debak - Product Design

Kaitie Zhee - Head of Outreach

Eric Slonaker - Community Manager

Shirin Semsar - Head of UX/UI Design

Milos Jovac - Developer

Filip Jovakaric - Developer

Lola Scheiner - Sales Associate- EMEA

Anita Motwani - West Coast Sales

Diana Joy - Community Manager


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