Decentralized Commodity Exchange Platform, currently powering the Cannabis industry

Token: CHX

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 21-07-2017 (334)

ICO Closing Date: 29-10-2017 (234)


Chex token is an economic innovation to transact cordially towards established exchange networks. The CHEX token innovation has a direct impact on optimization of established, unestablished commodity and asset exchange frameworks. The superstructure of Chex ICO intends to create a unification of isolated industry sectors on a common, blockchain – secured platform.

Chex tokens will be rewarded to power users that supply useful market activity and platform content to subsidize transactions. It also boosts a commodity sector’s ecosystem. The active and fully developed Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) platform is the first proof of concept rollout of the CHEX ecosystem. The robust and modular technology will be adapted for the needs and regulations of various industry pillars in integration with Industry Ambassadors. The CHEX token layers serve to bind all independent exchange platforms onto a decentralized, blockchain – secured financial layer.

CHEX has underlying blockchain network and token integration. It has been developed since Q3 2014. The CHEX has formed a close network of strategic partners and affiliates to help launch the ecosystem. The CHEX, Inc has successfully launch platforms and continues to expand the business and technological efforts. The total supply of Chex token is 1 billion. 95% of tokens are allocated to Crowdsale and 5% of tokens are supplied to bounty potential.   

The CHEX token provides: -

  • A transaction medium for exchange between parties.
  • A distributed, immutable ledger record of verifiable asset holding and physical asset tracking.


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Team Members

Eugene Lopin - CEO & Product Manager

Danny Floyd - Chief Experience Officer

Jacob Floyd - Chief Technology Officer


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