Zero Trading Fee Cryptocurrecncy Exchange

Token: COB

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 13-09-2017 (307)

ICO Closing Date: 22-10-2017 (268)


Cobinhood is the next generation cryptocurrency exchange platform. It guarantees 100% reserve for cryptocurrency deposit. Cobinhood stores the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault. Cobinhood is a global authoritative ICO underwriter called crypto Goldman Sachs It targets on underwriting high quality, promising ICO. Crypto assets stored in online wallets will be endorsed by insurance. Cobinhood is basically Zero trading fee cryptocurrency Exchange. It offers ICO Due Diligence smart contract code review and legal compliance review for ICO with the vision to build a trustworthy ICO ecosystem. It requires 5 out of 8 geo – distributed hardware security modules to open.

ICO token Distribution: -

  • 50% are ICO Participants
  • 40% are COBINHOOD, Ltd
  • 10% are private placements.


ICO Funds Usage:-

  • 10% of funds are utilized for legal affairs and auditing the security compliance.
  • 20% of funds are used for operations and Marketing.
  • 40% of funds are used for product development.

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Team Members

Popo Chen - Cobinhood CEO and Founder

Tony Scott - Chief Startegy Advisor

Pu – Chen Mao - CTO

Brendon Hogger - Advisor

Wei – Ning - Huang - Advisor

Tz – lu- Jeng - Advisor


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