The ICO solution for centralized businesses

Token: CMS

Industry : Media

ICO Start Date: 02-10-2017 (288)

ICO Closing Date: 06-11-2017 (253)


COMSA is an organization that provides companies with consultation, expertise, and solutions to support their own ICOs. It implements blockchain technology into the business. The Zaif exchange and mijin private blockchain software are one – stop solution for all these products. COMSA Core is assimilated with COMSA HUB. It connects peg between mijin private blockchains and public ones.

COMSA is an amazing solution with multi-language whitepaper. It has pre-configured token sale dashboard, blockchain integration services and PR services devoted for the ICO. The ICO token issued on COMSA platform can be used to convert NEM and Ethereum blockchain through COMSA CORE engine.

Services offered by COMSA are as follows:-

  • Business Planning and service design by using blockchain technology such as tokens.
  • Tokenizing mainstream assets into cyberspace assets
  • The team supports for ICO and tokenization
  • Drafting whitepaper of multi-language
  • Issuing tokens and sale using a crowdsale platform
  • It provides a market based on ZAIF exchange
  • Using Mijin private blockchain technology on the campus
  • The development of smart signing contract on NEM blockchain and developing Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.
  • The network fee delegation and fait & crypto secure a token. It enables business transaction on NEM public blockchain in fiat currencies or major currencies.

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Team Members

Takao Asayama - CEO

Jaguar0625 - mijin CTO

Ryosuke Hosoi - Zaif CTO

Mitsutoshi Fukunaga - CMO

Kazunobu Hatta - CFO

Tom Beno US - Region Manager

Masakazu Masujima - Legal Advisor

Michio Asayama - Co-Founder- Legal Advisor

Lon Wong h - President of Foundation CEO of Dragonfly Fintec

Jeff McDonald - Vice President of Foundation

Kazutaka Muraguchi - COMESA partner. Venture capitalist and CEO of Nippon Technology Venture Partners

Yoichiro “Pina” Hirano - CEO of Infoteria Corp. (TYO:3853) Series A investor of Tech Bureau Corp.


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