Smart contract management service

Token: CDL

Industry : Service

ICO Start Date: 02-11-2017 (230)

ICO Closing Date: 22-11-2017 (210)


 Confideal is an exclusive smart contract management service prescribed for individuals and business. The contracting is complicated and has a managerial strategy. It consumes momentous money, time and resources, especially when dealing with overseas partners. It allows users to design and create safe, rapid and unidentified deals which are empowered by blockchain technology.

The Conifideal reduces the transaction costs and intensify the security funds by the escrow agent and increases the speed of the dealmaking process. It resolves the disputes through the mediation module and extends the business opportunities for enterprise, small companies, and individuals.

All these Smart Contracts dealing with Confideal are encrypted and backed up on Ethereum Blockchain. It ensures the autonomy and Safety. Confideal is a user-friendly platform which creates Ethereum Smart Contracts without coding. It is non-biased, which has experienced arbiters and legal firms who settle disputes right in this Platform. The internal Currency allows the user to obtain Confideal services for free and votes for arbiters.   


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Team Members

Pyotr Belousov - Business Development- Product Development

Andrei Baibaratsky - Product Development- Software Development- and Technologies

Alexey Semionov - Strategic Marketing- Product Marketing- Branding

Kirill Danshin - Product Development- Software Development- and Technologies

Egor Khromov - Software Development and Technologies

Vladimir Ananyev - Software Development and Technologies

Iskander Ishmukhambetov - Project Management

Vladimir Luzhbin - Product Design

Philipp Khomenok - Community Relations- Marketing

Maxim Uperyaka - Strategy Development- ICO Promotion

Helen Sambur - Coordination- Operations Supervision

Hordiy Malkovych - Media Relations and Communications

Vitaliy Oleksyuk - Community Management- Content Production

Vakhtanh Bolkvadze - Customer and Investor Relations

Anna Kulikova - PR and Events Management

Igor Dymarskiy - Design Development and Branding


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