Copy Trader

Copy Expert Crypto Traders

Token: CTT

Industry : Business Services

ICO Start Date: 22-10-2017 (268)

ICO Closing Date: 15-11-2017 (244)


Copy Traders is a decentralized app expanded on Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a marketplace between expert traders and newbie traders. Copy Traders associate expert traders and newbie traders in a translucent and decentralized manner.  It is automated trade engine through crypto exchanges API key feature.

These Copy Traders have to pay a fixed or monthly fee which is set by expert traders to copy their traders. Copy Trader is an unhackable, non–complicated and sensible application. It is built on Ethereum dapp designed to connect traders with crypto traders.

Copy Traders is about to launch Ethereum based ERC20 token called as “copy token” and will be utilized to pay all fees on the Dapp. This forms a direct interaction between Dapp and the value of the token. These tokens are can be purchased with metamask wallet during copy trader presale and during public token sales. The metamask is used with an account in copy trader dapp.

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Team Members

Sain Fri - Project Lead (Co-founder)

Thu Van Le - Technical Lead (Co-founder)

Alex Rasti BizDev - Lead (Co-founder)

Adrian Assamorgh - Developer (UX/UI)

Denis Oakley - Development Strategy Advisor Crypto trade analyist

Andrew J Stephens - Finance Advisor Professional trader

Linoy Galisko - FinTech Advisor Blockchain Startup Strategist


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