Corion Platform

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Token: COR

Industry : Information Technology & Services

ICO Start Date: 18-06-2017 (394)

ICO Closing Date: 27-08-2017 (324)


CORION stands for Capital Optimized Reward Incentive Online Network. Corion platform is for the dominant crypto user through a price-controlled token built on Ethereum and rewards based on incentives. To become the pioneer in the crypto world, Corion platform has created Ethereum classic blockchain. Privileged algorithms produce stable price per Corion token (COR) though the market potential increases. The rapid growth of the currency is advanced by the trade-based coin emission.

Corion is a versatile stand for businesses and individuals to unite and frame a universal decentralized system, based on joint profits, security, worthwhile, quick and a balanced capitalCorion assure that facing Cryptocurrencies success progressively intends the achievement of the entire crypto world.

The Corion Platform has the most flashing features:

  • Stable Price Currency: With the integrated rise and deflation protection, CORION stays firm, shielding users and ensuring the Platforms beaming future.
  • Multifunctional Wallet: As the chief alloy of the Platform, the wallet grants you to stack track of your coins and make transactions.

Built-in P2P Exchange: The peer-to-peer trade is wise agreement- based, and safe so no scam or steal is possible. It serves actions exclusive of mediating 3rd parties, permitting the members to execute transactions precisely with each other.

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Team Members

Miklos Denkler - FinTech & Sales Expert

Attila Dancs - Blockchain Business Expert

Andor ‘iFA’ Rajci - CORION Core Developer

Zsombor Deics - COO

Gabor Gajdos - Frontend Developer

Zoltan Bor - Cryptocoin Expert

Dr.Zsolt Kukorelly - Algorithm Advisor

Dr.Gabor Csizmazia - Marketing Automation

Ida Froyda - Communications & Marketing

Krisztian Szaraz - SEO Expert

Dr.Pal Kukorelly - Fiscal Advisor

Sommer Sherwood - CORION Ambassadorfor the USA

Argundade Sammy - CORION Ambassador for Africa

Roy Del Rosario - CORION Ambassador for the Phillipines

Louie Cayabyab - CORION Ambassador for the USA

Sudhakar Subramaniam - CORION Ambassador for India

Rupert Varnai - Asian Business Expert

Adam Zebegnyei- - Legal Advisor

Endre Jobbagy - Payment Gateway Advisor

Micheal Terpin - PR Advisor

Zsolt Nemeth - Security Advisor

Jeff Burton - Entrepreneur


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