Token: COSS

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 08-08-2017 (316)

ICO Closing Date: 06-09-2017 (287)


COSS is a revenue-generating token on Ethereum platform is intended to uphold the Crypto one stop solution to boost the enormous adoption of the Cryptocurrencies. During the pre-ICO, the amount of 25,000,000 COSS will be set free. Once all the COSS tokens are sold, the offer of minimum buy-in of 50 ETH worth of COSS tokens with a bonus of 25% will be closed. The COSS token holders will receive revenues on weekly basis from the COSS DAO that will generate value out of the transaction fees on the COSS platform that is governed by Smart Contract System.

Payment Gateway:

The COSS merchant tool and payment gateway renders the businesses with the perfect cryptocurrency tool management. The cryptocurrency transactions can be activated within minutes by plugging in the payment gateway for an online shop or by installing the COSS point-of-sale application for a web-based or android application.

Payment Features:

  • Multiple Currencies: COSS offers multiple exchanges rated from the FIAT currencies to Cryptocurrencies. The input currency list of COSS includes EUR, USD, Singapore Dollar, Malaysian Ringit, Korean Won, Romanian Leu and many others. Also, there is a provision to suggest a new currency.
  • Integrated Exchange Rate: For mass-adoption of Cryptocurrencies COSS has the integrated solution with its own exchange. This enables COSS merchant to offer competitive exchange rates to USD, EUR or SGD.
  • Easy KYB: The KYB(Know Your Business) is fast and secure at COSS which accepts you as a merchant without much delay.
  • Reporting Tools: The features in the merchant platform are easy for reporting and that simplifies your accounting activity.
  • Easy Integration: The integration of COSS payment gateway is not time consuming and can be integrated within a development hour. The scripts are just plug & play at COSS.
  • Payment Button & Link: Besides the payment gateway and the PoS system, the COSS offers static payment buttons and links that can be used by the merchants who don’t have a web-shop.

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Team Members

Rune Evensen - Visionary & Co-founder

Andrei Popescu - Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Christopher Bridges - Compliance Officer & Co-Founder

Dan Cearnau - Team Leader & Co-founder


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