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Token: COV

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 24-11-2017 (235)

ICO Closing Date: 24-12-2017 (205)


Covesting is bringing the copy-trading platform to the cryptocurrency markets. Many Investors all over the globe can analyze the performance of hundreds of professional crypto asset managers and directly manage their trades. It helps investors and professional digital asset managers to find each other. The cutting-edge technology of Covesting allows users to imitate trading activity of a chosen strategy into the aggregated accounts.

How does it work?

  • The user can browse all the trading strategies. These strategies are provided by professional digital asset managers and the user can subscribe the packages which match them.  
  • Each and every investor can transform investments by subscribing up to 20 different trading models with individual risk management for each allocation
  • The platform allows investors to glance at each strategy while approaching real-time data along with historical trading performance. It also allows the user to read reviews and even ask questions.
  • This is a consolidated, real-time reporting data. It permits investors to fetch full information of investments at any time.

 COV Token: - The Covesting token is an ERC20 token and smart contract system which is built on the Ethereum blockchain This is designed is utilized by members of Covesting platform. These Covesting tokens can be transferred between users and platform by using ERC20- compatible wallets. Eventually, these tokens can be integrated into exchanges.       

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Team Members

Dmitrij Pruglo - Founder- CEO

Timofej Voronin - Co-founder- COO

Sergey Sevantsyan - CIO- CTO

Paul Hinrichsen - Business Development

Max Sayganov - Digital Marketing Strategist

Konstantin Zherebtsov - Information Security and Compliance

Aleksandr Strah - Smart contract developer

Ivan Sologub - Marketing and PR

Andrey Gromak - Advisor

Ivan Klykov - Advisor

Mounir Fallah - Advisor

Mike Bishop- JD - Advisor

Mike Shokin - Advisor

James Fennell - Advisor

Vlad Dobrov - Advisor


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