Crowdstart Capital

Blockchain Technology Accelerator

Token: XSC

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 01-02-2018 (111)

ICO Closing Date: 31-03-2018 (53)


Crowdstart Capital is a blockchain evolution Incentive Scheme. The goal is to advance the blockchain ecosystem at large by rewarding developers committing valuable code. The developers will be rewarded with Crowdstart coins which are equivalent to incentivize core development for blockchain ecosystem. This commutes the development of blockchain technology at large towards enterprise-readiness.

Crowdstart Capital is one of the first technology accelerators. This offers their own ERC20 digital token. The goal of Crowdsale is to support the evolution of the blockchain technology ecosystem and directs the evolution towards the development of enterprise-ready tools. The generated Crowdstart Coins will be directly distributed to the active developer community.  It lays the basis for a crypto economic incentives scheme which is designed to back the further evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

Crowdstart targets blockchain related startups in the fields of:-

  • Industries such as loT, automation and Supply Chain
  • The energy such as solar and wind
  • The legal technologies such as AI, compliance
  • Healthcare industry such as data accessibility and security
  • Space research such as earth observation and satellites.  

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Team Members

Michael Reuter - Co-founder & CEO

Joerg Blumtritt - Co-founder & CTO

Kira Nezu - Co-founder & CDO

Yukitaka Nezu - Co-founder & COO

Dr. Michael Gebert - Advisor

Dr. Markus Kaulartz - Advisor

Prof. Dr. Ing. Gerhard Plasonig - Advisor


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