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Token: WIZ

Industry : Investment

ICO Start Date: 20-11-2017 (238)

ICO Closing Date: 04-12-2017 (224)


CrowdWiz platform is the liberated ecosystem for investors. It brings flexibility and freedom through advanced technology. Each and every member has the right to vote and take the decision related to the investment. The token-holders are free to invest in newly-created funds or establish WizFunds of their own. The Software Wizard will guide the user through all the process.

The Wizfund portfolio type, voting mechanism, IFO (Initial Fund Offering) and fund size are an exhaustive list of various parameters which can be set up. This platform is open to different numbers and social groups of investors’ ranging from families, co-workers, neighbors, cities, countries, continents all the citizens who share the same goal.

CrowdWiz is a crowd-managed, self-directing exchange platform. The token has the control to predict which tokens are listed or removed for exchanging by a polling process. The platform empowers everyone to delete assets from it if anyone is practicing any fraudulent or malicious activity.

  • Decentralization: - Crowdwiz has freedom and decentralization that are the founding pillars for crypto enthusiasts. These can be applied to take supervision over the investment
  • Collective wisdom: - CrowdWiz provides Decentralization of investment with a convenience to create or join crowd-managed crypto funds.
  • User-Friendly: - This has the full range of personalized tools, market analysis and news feeds the CrowdWiz Ecosystem. It is engaging and innovating and is easy and simple to utilize

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Team Members

Michael Golod - Co-Founder and CEO

Slavena Savcheva - Co-Founder and BizDev

Martin Parvanov - Trading Product Manager

Stan Kirilov - UI/UX Strategist

Dror Levy - Blockchain Architect

Alexander Lvovich - Software Architect

Orlin Benov - Solidity Developer

Radoslav Hristov - Back-End Developer

Deanne Kalev - QA Manager

Georgi Stamatov - R&D Manager

Sergey Minkov - Senior IT Architect

Alexandra Poier - Community Manager

Benjamin Truman - Online Marketing

Stanislav Staykov - SEO

Plamena Getova - HR

Nadezhda Kasabova - Finance Manager

Ilan Tzorya - Advisor

Richard Titus - Advisor

Gal Barak - Advisor

Michael Greenberg - Advisor

Marc Kenigsberg - Advisor

Simon Grunfeld - Advisor

Delzar Khalaf - Advisor

Jonathan Millet - Advisor

Nashwan Khatib - Advisor

Andrei Veressov - Advisor

Ayelet Noff - Advisor

Francisco Jo - Advisor


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