Blockchain ticketing platform regulated by smart contracts

Token: TKT

Industry : Entertainment

ICO Start Date: 05-10-2017 (285)

ICO Closing Date: 05-11-2017 (254)


Crypto Tickets is a new standard in the category of entertainment.  It disburses tickets with an automatic billing, minimal costs without any bogus or fraud. It is very specific with the rules of the games. The main aim of the project is to create a blockchain platform that can be easily utilized by ticket industry. It helps them to reduce many problems such as fake tickets and some unmanageable markets.

The ticket transfers into a safe and secure digital asset which is ratified by blockchain and eradicates scam. Crypto Tickets allows organizing the official distributors or ticketing system to control the ticketing system lifelong.  The authorized users can adjust ticket sale, resale, exchange and simultaneously manage payments fees, commissions from the primary release to atonement at event entry.

Ticket Token is deliberated through ICO. It is the basic essential which unlocks all transactions in the system. The token contains a smart contract, gives organizers a complete control over ticket sale, resale and exchange to regulate payments and commissions at any point of the ticket lifecycle.      

Tickets Wallet is a personal wallet in Ticket Wallet App. It is basically obtained after the purchase of smart contracts and smart contracts send the crypto.ticket to a particular wallet called Ticket Wallet. While appearing in an event show the ticket’s QR – Code in the App is scanned and the system makes a note on the blockchain for which the ticket is utilized.


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Team Members

Egor Egerev - CEO & Founder

Katerina Kirillova - Startegy and development Director & Founder

Ilya Sergeenko - Chief Investment Officer & Founder

Dmitry Bakaev - Head of Analytics

Varia Vasilek - Head of Commercial Department

Yuliya Matveeva - Client Service Director

Vinokurova Elena - Project Manager


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