Crystal Clear

Decentralized service system

Token: CCT

Industry : Infrastructure

ICO Start Date: 08-09-2017 (312)

ICO Closing Date: 08-10-2017 (282)


Crystal Clear comes with a radical future and the latest technologies from the online industry. It has a decentralized service system where any participant in the system can open an auction form the service he wishes and then choose the performer by price or reviews. Crystal Clear comes with Self- regulating features and is opened for all the participants.

The global blacklist allows system participants to deal with crooked customers and performers. The information about such people will be shown to all participants and warns them about the possible fraud. This platform gives an opportunity for people to descent into an amazing world of a decentralized system of cryptocurrencies. Each and every executed service is recorded on a non-editable blockchain so that everyone can view.


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Team Members

Alexander Veretennikov - CEO and founder of the CCS project

Valery Novikov - Web and Software Developer

Slava Poe - Blockchain and Solidity developer

Elena Veretennikova - CMO- marketing and finance advisor- HR director.

Ilya Znachko - Front end- design

Denis Moiseev - Marketing and creative writer

Joshua Paul Hawley - Blockchain and ICO advisor


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