Blockchain protocol for gambling

Token: BET

Industry : Casino & Gambling

ICO Start Date: 29-06-2017 (383)

ICO Closing Date: 26-07-2017 (356)


DAO. Casino is an open ecosystem for online gambling games. It is decentralized governance system which is built on Ethereum which accolade all developers, security auditors and community members for their contribution on this platform. The players can determine and play games which are scam free using familiar and straightforward user interface.

It is the protocol that defines interactions between untrusted participants in the context of the online gambling industry. DAO. Casino has two levels in gaming industry first comes game level i.e., player’s trust in a particular casino operator in the context of the game and a business model level i.e., the game developer that doesn’t have the trust of a casino operator to get rewarded. Basically, all the participants needed for the system to function don’t have to trust within themselves to cooperate.

The system provides a P2P marketplace for game developers and supports a large number of independent front-end platforms. This helps players to discover and to fairly play gambling games. BET – DAO. Casino is internal token. It is utilized as a point system for enticement and as a sub- the currency that is used in games. Bet token is a standard Ethereum ERC20 token. DAO. Casino is partnered with THE COINTELEGRAPH, forklog, Digital Security, OTONOMOUS, Melrose Public Relations, Changelly, starbase and CRYPTOPAY. It is designed by the founders of Satoshi.Fund, CyberFund, AIRA DAO and Drone employee.

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Team Members

Ilya Tarutov - CEO

Konstantin Lomashuk - Protocol Architect

Alexander Noxon - CTO / Platform development

Ksenya Bellman - Business Development

Alexandra Fetisova - Project Manager

Sergey Pomorin - Game Developer

Sergey Lonshakov - DAO design and implementation

Alexander Krupenkin - Solidity Developer

Eugene Radchenko - Program Manager

Alexander Davydov - Solidity Developer

Alex Kirillov - CFO

Akbar Murataliev - Marketing Executive

Theo Goodman - Community Manager (Germany)

David Choi - Community Manager (Germany)

Stepanchenko Alexander - Full Stack Developer

Tamoaki Sato - Advisor

Eric Benz - Advisor


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