Token: DRC

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 30-01-2018 (168)

ICO Closing Date: 30-07-2018 (13)


Darico is the ideal easy-access gateway for crypto investors, offering the exclusive access to all Darico products, including the wallet, terminal, liquidity pool, exchange and the private fund.
Darico Coin is a utility token that's been designed specifically to empower people by providing them with professional and user-friendly investment tools that enable holders to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.
Holders of Darico Coin will receive exclusive access to the entire Darico ecosystem, including the wallet, terminal, liquidity pool, Index Fund, debit card, and exchange.
The Darico ecosystem solves the information challenge by giving DRC holders the tools they need to access trusted sources of information. Because Darico constantly surveys and analyses the crypto landscape, its users will be assured that they're receiving the best possible and most timely information available. Darico users will also gain access to its unique range of products that makes up its ecosystem; the Darico wallet, terminal, index fund, debit card and exchanges. In addition to that, the Liquidity Pool plays a critical role in maintaining the value of DRC and provides a safety net against any Pump and Dump scheme, thus protecting Darico's investors.
Features - 162m coins are mineable

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Team Members

Mojtaba Asadian - Founder & CEO

Solange Basseterre - Project Manager

Ihor Pidruchny - Blockchain Architect

Andrew Zubko - Blockchain Engineer

Roman Tsivka - Smart Contract Developer

Liwaa Chehayeb - Business Development Manager

Kirsten Morel - Content Manager

Kelly Stafford - Community Manager

Marco Schlauri - Marketing Manager


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