Decentralized Casion with Passive Income Model

Token: DBET

Industry : Gaming

ICO Start Date: 23-09-2017 (297)

ICO Closing Date: 21-10-2017 (269)

Accepting: is a translucent, smart contract based on sports betting platform. The user can easily purchase shares into the house for DBETs. DBETs are deposited into the house before the start of every quarter and in return, shares are issued at a 1:1 ratio. It is an online casino that returns 100% of profits back to DBET House Credit Holders.

The DBETs are locked for a quarter and it utilized for funds to hedge against bets placed by users and to fund gambling games. The shares can be placed at any time for sale in the share exchange and be traded for DBETs. 5% of all profits generated by the house will directly be used to fund a quarterly lottery. A shareholder will be selected randomly and will be awarded the jackpot.

At the end of every quarter, profits generated would be calculated by the house and distributed to all shareholders relative to the percentage of shares owned. This would be triggered through a smart contract, ensuring transparency and trust. allots 10% of profits generated by the founder’s shares in the house. It also donates to needy causes and charities around the world. All charitable donations will be transparent and registered regularly.

ICO Details: -


  • 70% is alloted to crowdsale
  • 18% is allocated to the team
  • 10% is given to housing funding
  • 2% is alloted by bounties.


Usage: -

  • 40% is utilized for development
  • 10% is used by legatees.
  • 25% is used for marketing and operations.


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Team Members

Jedidiah Taylor - CEO & Founder

Adrian Scott - Senior Director of Technology

Rev Nissan - President & Co - Founder

Kurt Connolly - COO

Chris Hensley - VP of Marketing

Vada Thai - Controller

Sandro Leva - Director of Digital Design

Shaun Preece - Lead Graphic Designer


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