Buy & sell crypto for cash.

Token: DTH

Industry : Crypto Industry

ICO Start Date: 07-02-2018 (105)

ICO Closing Date: 07-03-2018 (77)


Dether is the first mobile decentralized application. It allows anyone to buy and sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores which are listed on Dether map. It creates a worldwide ecosystem of ether buyers, sellers and physical stores that trade ether for fiat cash and accepts it as a means of payment. The sellers can trade cryptocurrency for cash like a mobile ATM. The buyers can meet up cryptocurrency sellers around them and pay with their local currency. The shops can expand their visibility and easily accept and manage payments in cryptocurrency.

Dether utilizes encrypted peer-to-peer messaging solution which enables buyers and sellers to contact with each other. The buyers and sellers can chat directly and trade without any third person. The sellers can freely transfer their Dether wallet. When the process, buyers can check the amount of ether and sellers can sell same. The user has potentially to fund its wallet.

Dether utilizes smart contract rating system. The buyers and sellers have their own public reputation which is based on the transaction that is achieved with respect to the number of transactions. The individuals can move and require solutions which can be adapted to their needs. The phones are modern banks and ether is the new currency. This reason has made Dether as a mobile-first solution with a mobile responsive design. The Dether map provides a simple and innate user’s experience. It makes easy for the user to find ether buyer, sellers, and store to accept ether as their means of payment.






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Team Members

Hamid Benyahia - Co-founder

Mehdi Amari - Co-founder

Nicolas Wagner - Blockchain Developer

Pacien Boisson - Full Stack JS Developer

Ishak Leghlam - Full Stack JS/ ethereum

Romain Hochard - UX/UI Designer

Mamadou Ba - CMO

Mohamed Zenk - Community manager

William Mougayar - Advisor

Eddy Travia - Advisor

Yacine Terai - Advisor


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