Decentralized Anti-Counterfeit Platform

Token: DGM

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 24-11-2017 (208)

ICO Closing Date: 24-12-2017 (178)


Digmus is a decentralized Anti – Counterfeit platform.  The purpose is to store and rectify authentication of product information.  It has become easy for the buyer to use at low cost and simple to implement for the manufacturer. During the pre – ICO, the investors have an opportunity to purchase the DGM tokens with a discount up to 48%. Digmus has also released an Android app to exhibit the capacities of the system. It helps consumers and producers to fight against counterfeit goods

This tool is utilized to separate genuine products from forgeries. Digmus is the blockchain based technology with a decentralized data which is impossible to meddle. Digmus gives all the detailed information about the product and checks for the product authenticity. It has the capacity to register purchases for consumers. Digmus has an independent communication channel with buyers; it protects the file and increases the profit.    

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Team Members

Mikhail Nazaruk - CEO

Victor Petrenko - CTO

Vasiliy Shapovalov - Blockchain Specialist

Artem Protsenko - Enterprise Integration Specialist

Shota Rigvava - CMO

Mikhail Gurevich - Advisor


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