Dimensions Network

Trade Cryptocurrency, Options, Futures and Get the Best Price With Our Aggregator A HYBRID TRADING PLATFORM

Token: STC

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 24-01-2018 (119)

ICO Closing Date: 24-02-2018 (88)


StrikeCoin is powered by Dimensions Network. It is the hybrid trading platform which has cryptocurrency trading options. The team is building next generation of Cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform is backed by standard coin pairs, options, future Contracts, Exchange Aggregators and so on. The team has anticipated has great interest in new cognate and substantial returned on investment. The team has a plan to expand the services into a decentralized network and offers users cryptographically secure derivative trading and a real-time transactional currency.

The team shared their success with their token holders by allocating 15% of the trading fees which is generated to their Ethereum Address. The token holders will accept an equivalent share of new tokens that is generated for our real-time currency. The Strike Coin (STC) is issued by Dimensions Network. Currently, it is available for purchase with Ethereum tokens.  

Dimensions Network supports blockchain assets across multiple blockchains. The team is planning to launch with backing for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT for Coin Pair Trading, options and futures. The team will list out top 10 cryptocurrencies and add a full spectrum of ERC-20 tokens and other Altcoins.

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Team Members


Stephen Mullens - CEO

Rin Chwe Me - Head of Operations

Manu Datta - CTO

Navneet Kumar - Core Developer

Jensen Ng Kian Sheng - Developer

Tan Wee Ching - Developer

Suba Shiniie - UI / UX

Glynn Farrow - Advisor

Dipesh Sharma - Advisor

James Murray - Advisor

Denny Oh - Advisor


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