Distributed ledger

Token: DCL

Industry : Financial Service

ICO Start Date: 01-09-2017 (292)

ICO Closing Date: 31-10-2017 (232)


DisLedger is a non-blockchain which is dispersed through a ledger technology. It is created for high – volume transaction processing such as payments and capital markets clearing. It offers enterprise clients with good speed and secured privacy. It provides fast, secure processing without sharing data to third parties.

DisLedger’s process offers a report of all transactions. It is meant for large financial institutions payments and capital markets systems. It also offers real-time visibility of organizations assets across all counterparties, asset types, exchanges and OTC transactions.

DisLedger proceeds with numerous transactions within few seconds, as compared to 5 – 10 tps for public blockchain. DisLedger has engaged with few largest technology providers."  DisLedger is ERC20 token. The DCL token is per – transaction. It has intellectual property license to employ the DisLedger structure. It doesn’t offer or implies any security.

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Team Members

Dan Conner - Founder

Aram Barnett - Technical Advisor

Rajesh Virassamy - Technical Advisor


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