Decentralized software development platform

Token: DGZ

Industry : Software

ICO Start Date: 15-01-2018 (128)

ICO Closing Date: 08-03-2018 (76)


DoSoftware Platform allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and labor.

How does it work: - The user can start his idea on Dogezer and the team pays for the work on a product project for certain specific coin. Then the User can start the selling his products. The product revenues can be used to buy back coins from his team and he can rejoice his success.

Dogezer Solution:-

  • Dogezer eradicates investors as “mediator” in a project team while organizing the process. This gives founder a possibility to execute the project using the balanced system of assurance to team members who will be the investors for products.
  • Dogezer will have an opportunity for individual contributors to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe. It helps them to take active role ensuring the project’s success and to rejoice the rewards which match their contribution
  • Dogezer offers an integrated and fascinating set of tools for rehearsing a project execution. It has minimal combat of interests within the team and sees that the team member’s involvement helps to structure faster products.


Jan 15th 13:00 UTC – Feb 15th 13:00 UTC, or until all tokens for that phase sold/participants cap is reached.

Price 0.8 USD per DGZ token. Price in ETH will be announced Jan 14th 2018.

Minimal Purchase: 25 ETH

Total tokens for sale: 5,000,000 DGZ Tokens

Purchases over 100 ETH are eligible for additional 10% discount

Only ETH is accepted

Only whitelisted participants will be able to join

To join whitelist – fill in form on after December 20th, 2017

Only first 120 purchasers could participate in this phase

Feb 15th 13:00 UTC – Mar 8th 13:00 UTC


First week (Feb 15th 13:00 UTC – Feb 22nd 13:00 UTC): 0.9 USD per DGZ token

Second week (Feb 22th 13:00 UTC – Mar 1st 13:00 UTC): 0.95 USD per DGZ token

Third week (Mar 1th 13:00 UTC – Mar 8th 13:00 UTC):  1 USD per DGZ token

Purchases over 50 ETH are eligible for an additional 5% discount

Purchases over 100 ETH are eligible for an additional 10% discount

Accepted currencies:




Token distribution rules:

All sold tokens will be distributed not later than April 1st

Unsold tokens will be burned at April 1st

Bounty tokens will be distributed not later than April 1st

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Team Members

Alex Kozlov - DoLead- DoCode

Nikita Rams - DoCode

Sergey Chmilenko - DoDesign

Nataliya Kozlova - DoPromote- DoSupport

Dmitriy Dolinin - DoCode

Mike Sorokin - DoProjectManagement

Daniel Savinov - DoCommunity

Elizabeth Lebedeva - DoCommunity

Arina Karpova - DoDesign

Dmitry Mokhov - DoCommunity

Nikita Kozlov - DoCommunity

Arthur Matevosyan - DoCommunity

Artem Bolotov - DoCommunity

Sergey Sukov - Advisor

Dan Khomenko - Advisor

Aleksey Gudkov - Advisor

Dean Karakitsos - Ambassador

Brian Schafer - Ambassador

Ryan Reynolds - Ambassador

Evan Weldon - Ambassador

Max Unger - Ambassador


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