Revolutionizing dapps with global network solution

Token: DME

Industry : Network

ICO Start Date: 02-10-2017 (288)

ICO Closing Date: 02-11-2017 (257)


Dome is a decentralized platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a global network. It provides tokens for the people who share their private WiFi networks. These provide user to get free internet access in any part of the world. The plan of integrating blockchain technology and Ethereum smart – contract is to create a global Wi-Fi network.

The team offers users a platform which allows a transparent and secure way to share and control their personal or business network using DME tokens. The Dome platform provides a sort of token mining by sharing the Wi-Fi network. This encourages a person to utilize the Dome platform and compensate their internet payments which helps them to earn some money.

DME Token is a smart contract on the Ethereum platform. It is using ERC20 token. The DME token sale is open to the general public through an Ethereum Smart Contract. The user can get access to a dynamic and rapidly growing decentralized network of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. The system directly rewards users for sharing their networks. The DME tokens are recommended for in-app purchases or advertisements.     

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Team Members

Victor Houdin - Founder and CEO

George Colvin - CTO

Joanna Wiśniewska - Marketing Specialist

Dmitry Berezin - Lead Software Engineer

Maria Sukhova - Community Manager

Denis Savchenko - Frontend Developer

Valdis Ozols - Networking and Security Advisor

Kevin Quong - Blockchain Engineer


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