Blockchain Powered Mobility

Token: DOV

Industry : Other

ICO Start Date: 03-10-2017 (260)

ICO Closing Date: 17-10-2017 (246)


DOVU is designing a new circular economy for the transport and mobility sector. It is innovating the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. It has introduced a focused protocol to accelerate the development of mobility-related decentralized applications (dApps), the DOV token powers new business models in the transportation sector. The marketplace is the first dApp built on the protocol. It offers a vital component in the platform. It also binds the data exchange and discovers elements together to the payment and attribution model.

DOVU is well – connected in the transport sector. The DOVU Protocol empowers ‘data owners’ to control access from data shared. It also receives value from future profits. “Data providers” can be defined as “Smart Contracts to set conditions of use and the level of reward they are willing to offer to data owners so that data owners can forever retain control to cancel the contracts, change and revoke permissions”.

DOVU’s API Marketplace helps API consumers to discover, test, evaluate and combine APIs with ease. Apparently, it is transient and often distributed teams become and challenging and costly to manage and maintain API use across projects. The DOV token creates a digital economy for transports of the upcoming generation.

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Team Members

Irfon Watkins - CEO/Founder

Arwen Smit - CMO/Founder

Krasina Mileva - COO & Legal Counsel/Founder

Alex Morris - Head of Product

Tom Holder - CTO

James Guest - Head of Blockchain Production

Lars Klawitter - Advisor

Rob Jones - Advisor


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